Space Stations

A plan by NASA to bring astronauts back to the Moon in 2028 and to Mars in the following decade

At a press conference, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the new version of the agency’s plans to bring astronauts back to the Moon and build the Lunar Gateway over the next decade as steps to bring astronauts to Mars during the 2030s. Jim Bridenstine referred to the NASA budget for 2020, which at $21 billion sees an increase granted also to push ahead with these new plans.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft approaching the International Space Station (Image NASA TV)

A little while ago, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft docked with the International Space Station’s Harmony module by completing the first leg of its SpX-DM1 (SpaceX Demonstration Mission 1) or SpaceX Demo-1 mission that started yesterday with its launch. The opening of the hatch is scheduled for 13.45 UTC and all the tasks concerning the Crew Dragon will be completed rather quickly, since its departure is scheduled for March 8.